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Get blogging to increase your bookings

by Maria Rangin

If you aren’t already, we highly recommend you start blogging. A blog not only adds legitimacy to your business, it also greatly increases customer engagement and SEO (SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is where your business appears on Google/Bing, when customers put in relevant search terms).

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How to get started

A good way to start is to ask yourself the question “What is it that leads customers to my business?”. Is it a desire to book an experience in your general location? Or maybe looking for places to book one of the specific experiences you offer? Or is it a need for some true inspiration? There are many reasons why customers are looking for your business. By developing a strong blog, you can start ensuring that whatever the reason, they will find you.

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Use images to tell your story

It’s important to use high-quality images in your posts to truly capture the emotions and sense of the experiences you offer. You want your visitors to feel like they’re already part of it, and ultimately click that Book Now button.

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Help your customers to find what they're looking for

After you've answered the question your customer have, or given them the added value of information your think they seek, make sure to remind them of what you offer. Add a simple call to action at the end of each blog post in a natural way, leading your customers to find the place to book the experience they're looking for.

With a blog you also get natural content to share on your social media to drive further engagement and build deeper relationships with your customers, keeping them coming back again and again.

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